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To ensure you reach the audience that matters most to you, ad space can be reserved on our Homepage and main pages, our Magazine Pages, any of our database pages, the  Directory of Writers, the Speakeasy Message Forum, or the Literary Events Calendar pages. All rates are per one thousand impressions (CPM). The minimum purchase is 30,000 impressions.

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Vertical Banner
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 Horizontal Banner
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Minimum of
30K impressions


$17.00 CPM

$26.00 CPM

$510 / $780

Magazine Pages
Grants & Awards Database
MFA Database
Conferences & Residencies Database

$13.00 CPM

$20.00 CPM

$390 / $600
Literary Magazines Database
Small Presses Database
Directory of Writers
Literary Events Calendar

$7.50 CPM

$12.00 CPM
$225 / $360

Speakeasy Message Forum



$20.00 CPM


*The Grants & Awards Database is part of the Magazine Pages, but advertisements can be booked to appear only on the Grants & Awards Database.

Interested in both print and online advertising? We'd be happy to create a cross-media advertising plan that fits your budget.

If you have questions or would like to reserve space please contact the ad office.


Every two weeks the Poets & Writers e-newsletter is mailed to over 70,000 subscribers who rely on it to provide them with information about what’s new on

In each e-newsletter, we offer vertical banner ads and skyscraper ads to the left of the editorial column and one article insertion ad within the editorial column. Full e-newsletter sponsorship is also available. E-newsletters often sell out a month or two in advance. It's a good idea to reserve your space early.

Current E-Newsletter Rates:
Vertical Banner: $550
Skyscraper Ad: $1,100
Article Insertion: $750

For current e-newsletter availability or to request a sample, please contact the advertising office.


Every Thursday, the Time Is Now e-newsletter is mailed to over 12,000 subscribers and features writing prompts for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, as well as recommendations for books on craft. Time Is Now ads receive placement in the Time Is Now e-newsletter for an entire month (4-5 e-newsletters) as well as placement on the Time Is Now webpage at no additional cost. Time Is Now often sells out months ahead of time; it's a good idea to reserve space in advance.

Current E-Newsletter Rates:
Vertical Banner: $400

Ad Dimensions in Pixels
Button 120 x 90
Vertical Banner 120 x 240
E-Newsletter Vertical Banner 120 x 240
E-Newsletter Skyscraper 120 x 600
E-Newsletter Article 160 x 190 (max), plus 50-75 words of text



 30 days net. 15% discount to recognized ad agencies. Prepayment may be required of some advertisers. is the definitive online resource for writers of poetry and literary prose. The Web site features articles from Poets & Writers Magazine, as well as databases of grants and awards, literary magazines, and small presses, the Speakeasy Message Forum, the Literary Events Calendar, and the Directory of Poets and Writers. The site also includes My P&W, a versatile tool that provides registered users the ability to save and sort content from the site that is most relevant to them.

Ad Deadlines

July/August 2014

  • Classifieds Deadline: April 15
  • Display Reservation Deadline: May 1
  • Ad Copy Deadline: May 8
  • Publication Date: June 13
The July/August issue features Debut Fiction and Agents.

Authors advertising their own books receive these discounted rates in our July/August issue:

1/8 pg: $306
1/4 pg: $510
1/3 pg: $744
1/2 pg: $960
Full pg: $1,695

New Titles Ad: $250
1/4 pg: $728
1/3 pg: $1,068
1/2 pg: $1,365
Full pg: $2,415

September/October 2014

  • Classifieds Deadline: June 15
  • Display Reservation Deadline: July 3
  • Ad Copy Deadline: July 10
  • Publication Date: August 15

The September/October issue features MFA Programs.

For more information, or to reserve space, contact the Ad Department.