Best Books for Writers

From the newly published to the invaluable classic, our list of essential books for creative writers.

by Ray Bradbury

Published in 1992 by Bantam

Renowned author Ray Bradbury shares the wisdom, experience, and excitement from his lifetime of writing and demonstrates that success as a writer depends on how well you know one subject: your own life.

by Roy Peter Clark

Published in 2008 by Little, Brown

The author provides fifty practical literary tools that can be used to sharpen writing skills and develop natural talents. These easy-to-remember tips can be applied to various forms of writing from fiction and nonfiction compositions to business reports and even love letters.

by Theo Pauline Nestor

Published in 2013 by Simon & Schuster

Author Theo Pauline Nestor offers practical writing advice extrapolated from long years of hard work and colorful life experiences in this book that relates her personal journey into the writing profession.

by Diane Lockward

Published in 2013 by Wind Publications

In this resource for poets, Lockward offers practical advice and insights about establishing sound, voice, and syntax in poetry while also providing writing prompts and other poems as inspiration.

by Susan Bell

Published in 2007 by W.W. Norton

In this resource, the author provides a guide filled with writing examples, strategic tips, exercises, and interviews that explore the complex and necessary art of self-editing.

by David Biespiel

Published in 2010 by Kelson Books

The author explores the creative process and imagination. He writes that “failure is the engine of creativity” and provides ways for authors to keep their writing fresh and open to new possibilities.

by Joy Castro

Published in 2013 by University of Nebraska Press

Editor Joy Castro's collection of essays from memoirists explores the complex personal emotions and literary responsibilites writers must negotiate when revealing private information about their families to the reading public.

by Blas Falconer, Beth Martinelli, and Helena Mesa

Published in 2010 by Southern Illinois University Press

In this anthology Falconer, Martinelli, and Mesa compile essays written by leading poets who explore effective ways of writing and revising poetry.

by Kelly L. Stone

Published in 2008 by Adams Media

The author discusses techniques for incorporating writing into one’s hectic, everyday life including how to set up specific writing goals, schedule deadlines, and implement strategies to minimize distractions.

by Sean Manning

Published in 2010 by Da Capo Press

Numerous authors—from Chris Abani and Shahriar Mandanipour to Sigrid Nunez and Xu Xiaobin— discuss works of literature that inspired them as writers.