Emerson College

Emerson College

MFA Program

MFA Program Established: 
Boston, MA
Genres Include:
Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction
2-3 Years
Program Size: 
Application Deadline: 
February 1, 2017
Application Fee: 
Contact E-mail: 
Contact Name: 
Shaylin Hogan
Core Faculty Includes: 

Poetry: Jonathan Aaron, Christine Casson, Gail Mazur, Pablo Medina, John Skoyles, Daniel Tobin
Fiction: Ben Brooks, Maria Flook, Julia Glass, Lise Haines, DeWitt Henry, Kim McLarin, William Orem, Pamela Painter, Jon Papernick, Ladette Randolph, Frederick Reiken, Jessica Treadway, Steve Yarbrough, Mako Yoshikawa
Nonfiction: Jabari Asim, Richard Hoffman, Megan Marshall, Jerald Walker, Douglas Whynott

Funding/Employment Opportunities: 

The program offers teaching assistantships, research assistantships, Presidential and Merit Aid Scholarships, and internships.

Affiliated Publications/Publishers: 
Other Features: 

The program hosts a reading series, an alumni and faculty reading series, and the Bright Lights film series. Students also have the opportunity to take publishing courses and work with local high school students through the emersonWRITES program.


Tina Egnoski, Matthew Goodman, Stacy McKee, Matt Rasmussen, Kate Racculia, Kathleen Rooney, Asako Serizawa, Laura van den Berg, Urban Waite, Eric Wasserman