Externships (Multiple Opportunities) (Unpaid)

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Posted 3.1.13

Externships (Multiple Opportunities) (Unpaid)

All currently available positions are externships. This is like an internship, but you don’t have to be enrolled in a university or college program to apply. You can be a student (graduate or undergrad), in between jobs/ schools, or retired. Experience is useful, but passion, creativity, and determination will impress us too. 

It’s important to know that we are not a non-profit organization, and there are no immediate plans to become one. Carve Magazine is an LLC company, and we informally consider ourselves a B-corp, or Benefit Corporation.

However, these positions aren’t paid. While we want to be a lucrative business with a perky HR director, paid staff, and benefits, we’re not there yet. We’re trying and getting closer every year. These externships will play a crucial role in developing Carve, so naturally, if you’re in one of these positions, you’ll be at the top of the list when paid positions become available. 

What we can’t provide in monetary compensation, we make up for in community and connections. Writing is a lonely endeavor, so why not complement it by working with a team who’s as excited and crazy about the written word as you are? We have fun, we work hard, and we try to make a meaningful impact with our work. If that’s not reward enough, this probably isn’t for you.

Your commitment in time and energy will vary, depending on the projects at-hand. At minimum, plan for 5 hours a week and a 6-month commitment. You’ll need Skype for meetings and conferences about every other week. You’ll need to be able to set your own goals and update your team leader(s). You need to be willing to take risks, make mistakes, and feel like a fool. It’s all a part of learning. We don’t expect perfection, just continual improvement.

Most importantly, you’ll need to have read Carve. A lot of Carve. If you check out our Stories and can find a handful that you’re in love with, you should join our team. Our stories are our bedrock, and if you connect with the stories, then you can contribute to our mission.

Each job has Immediate Responsibilities and Future Developments listed. The responsibilities are what we’re more concerned with. If all goes well and you like what you’re doing, there’s opportunity for more down the line.

*Jobs marked with an asterisk require residency in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. All other positions can be done remotely.

All positions are open until filled. Apply now.

Questions? Contact us.


We want to offer a podcast version of all of our stories. We’ll start with current issues, but eventually we want to go back and do a reading of every story we’ve published since 2007. And we want our readers to be more than monosyllabic robots; we want them to be exciting and inviting. You should apply if you: are familiar with or want to learn more about audio recording software and podcast delivery systems.

Immediate Responsibilities: finding performers and convincing them it’s worth their time to do a reading for free; finding the best method of recording high quality readings; establishing and following a production schedule for podcast readings to align with release of future issues.

Future Developments: We have ideas about doing a podcast show or even establishing a YouTube channel.


We had great success with our first DLONS event in November. We’re currently in the planning stages of our next one. But we want these to become a fixture of the cultural arts scene in Dallas, and we need someone dedicated to creating the buzz needed to sustain and grow the event. You should apply if you: love throwing parties, are always being recruited by friends to host their showers and special events, or enjoy organizing logistics; this position is highly visible, social, and fun. 

Immediate Responsibilities: Booking guests of honor and readers; scoping out venues; coordinating catering and equipment; creating audio/visual presentations to accompany readings; point-of-contact on day of event.

Future Developments: If we have great success in Dallas, perhaps other cities will want in on the act. A nationwide literary One Night Stand series?


This is where we really would love to see some experience and creativity. We need someone to take charge of our advertising, marketing and promotions to ramp up our subscriber base, increase site traffic, and increase contest submissions. We want to make Carve a household name for writers alongside McSweeney’s, Tin House, Ploughshares, and Paris Review. You should apply if you: have experience with Google Analytics, iContact, Adobe Illustrator or similar graphics program, or have a keen eye for organizing, tracking, and analyzing data and figuring out what it all means.

Immediate Responsibilities: Research market for best direct mail and online advertising opportunities; write press releases; develop promotional campaigns; manage and create email blasts; coordinate with Social Media coordinator on ads and promotions; coordinate with Junior Graphic Designer to create marketing materials; entice advertisers to place ads in premium Print Edition; coordinate with Senior Graphic Designer to ensure ad deadlines are met.

Future Developments: We want to advertise, grow, and sustain other areas of Carve too, such as our DLONS events, educational exposure, and a future anthology series in the works.


We want to develop a set of classroom teaching tools and supplements for English and Creative Writing classes centered on Carve and the Premium Edition. We have a basic framework of what we want to implement, but we need a coordinator to help develop the materials and make the push into the schools. You should apply if you: have teaching experience, are passionate about education, are familiar with educator networks/systems, have visibility in the educational community (high school or above), and can encourage other teachers to try something new.

Immediate Responsibilities: Research other lit-mags-in-the-classroom series; solicit information from current teachers to define areas of need; help create program outline and specific components; develop teacher and student educational materials; determine and implement distribution.

Future Developments: Potential to develop a relationship with a local Writers in the Schools programs.


We can’t tell you exactly what we have in mind yet (it’s a secret!), but know that we want to develop a brand new anthology series, independent of Carve. Our goal is for the anthology to achieve national prominence alongside the likes of Pushcart Prize, Best American, and Best Non-required Reading anthologies. You should apply if you: have worked in publishing houses, book production, small press, or book sales/marketing and like to be part of top-secret projects.

Immediate Responsibilities: Establish guidelines and criteria for submissions; create list of potential submitters; manage flow of submissions and review process; solicit guest editors; coordinate with graphic designers to create cover, design, and copy of book; work with Marketing Manager to create promotional and advertising materials; set up initial print run and distribution.

Future Developments: The great thing about anthologies is that they’re annual, right?


We’re a little spastic right now with our social media. We want to change that. We also want the blog to be updated on a regular basis with a “resident blogger” we can rely and count on to produce interesting, informative, and exciting posts that will drive traffic to and conversation about Carve. You should apply if you: like reading and writing blogs, are familiar with the literary community and publishing industry, have a desire to “cold call” semi-famous or famous authors, writers, and editors, copyedit skills.

Immediate Responsibilities: Daily Twitter/Facebook updates; coordinate with Marketing Manager on promotions; identify and invite guest bloggers to post; review guest posts and publish.

Future Developments: Realm could expand to include our educational series, DLONS events, and anthology series.


We already have Justin, our Senior Graphic Designer, doing the dirty work on the Premium Edition. What we need is someone to do the odds-and-ends jobs of creating promotional materials and website updates. This person will work closely with the Marketing Manager. You should apply if you: have experience with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe inDesign, creating advertising campaigns, have a creative portfolio or want to build one. 

Immediate Responsibilities: Design layout and look of direct mail advertising campaigns; create graphics when needed for website and online promotions; assist Senior Graphic Designer when needed; develop and maintain retail designs for clothes and non-apparel items.

Future Developments: Realm could expand to include our educational series, DLONS events, and anthology series.