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Posted 8.15.12

"Once upon a time, I had no habit for writing, and I waited to feel like writing. Recalling the advice of my college psych professor, I decided to invent an association to teach myself to feel like writing. I settled on sound, because I am a stickler for total psychological privacy. At first it was a fan; now, I use the free White Noise Lite app on my iPhone. I set it to the sound of airplane travel––a steady, polyphonous static––and I put on my admittedly oversized headphones, and my brain begins to think: I should be writing. If I find myself distracted, I turn off the sound so that I can keep the habit strong. It’s ingrained now––I am both Pavlov and his dog."
—Hanna Pylväinen, author of We Sinners (Henry Holt, 2012)


tkadmc12 says...

You know somtimes I feel as if I need inspiration from a person or feelig but latley, its been pouring out from not just feelings but, seasons and time zone, I need encouragement more than anything, thanks for the suggestion. Thank You 

mbugua says...

hi, i feel  as if i am  the one being told about this... it is a good advice for people like me who are budding writers.

 i am  talking the advice positively and seriously.




PoeticNimbus says...

This is good advice for people who would like to write all the time. I truly enjoyed your advice!