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Posted 2.4.13

Intern (Unpaid)

Though Creative Nonfiction boasts an international readership and fan base that is constantly growing, the scope of CNF’s reach belies the size of our small, Pittsburgh-based staff. This being the case, we depend heavily on interns and volunteers to help steer the ship.

Creative Nonfiction’s internships and volunteer positions offer graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate individuals the opportunity to learn new skills while providing experience working the realm of literary publishing. Because our office is small, interns often can become involved with various projects and gain an understanding of all aspects of running an independent literary organization.

Typical tasks include managing incoming submissions, corresponding with writers and subscribers, filling customer orders, basic office tasks, fact-checking and research, data management, and a variety of other tasks that vary depending on current CNF projects. Please note: Much of the work performed by our interns and volunteers is not glamorous, but is vital.

We value quality of work over quickness, but interns and volunteers should have the ability to multitask, work between multiple projects, and change directions often. Applicants should display strong research skills, an attention to detail, a willingness to learn, and creativity.

We offer one or two unpaid internships and/or volunteer positions per semester and require at least a fifteen hour-per-week commitment. In summer, we require a twenty hour-per-week commitment for at least ten weeks, though we can generally work with interns to schedule around other jobs or commitments.

Application deadlines are as follows:

WINTER: Application due November 15; Internship runs from January to April
SUMMER: Application due March 15; Internship runs from May to August
FALL: Application due June 15; Internship runs from September to December

Prospective candidates should have at least completed their junior year of college; applicants are encouraged to work with their school to get credit.

If you would like to be considered for an internship, please send a cover letter, C.V., and brief writing sample to: information[at]