James River Writers Conference

Posted 2.4.10

Richmond, VA
Event Date: 
January 1, 2099

The 11th annual James River Writers Conference was held from October 19 to October 20 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The conference included meetings with agents, lectures, and panel discussions. Participants included Philippa Ballantine, Cece Bell, Megan Mayhew Bergman, Arielle Eckstut, Kathryn Erskine, Christopher McDougall, Lydia Netzer, and David Henry Sterry. The cost of the conference was $240 or $170 for a single day. Call, e-mail, or visit the website for more information.

Contact Information: 

James River Writers Conference, 320 Hull Street, #136, Richmond, VA 23224. (804) 291-1466. Katherine Herndon, Executive Director.