The Secret Lives of Stories: Rewriting Our Personal Narratives


Casesarasara says...

After reading Frank Bures Feature article, it struck me that there are different answers to the question, why write. He spoke about the writer Gruchow, who committed suicide, implying that he was depressed because of his lack of much outward success in his writing career. My first thought is that perhaps he was depressed for other reasons, too. Why do we write at all if we are mostly doomed to fail to reach our expectations in the eyes of the world?  I write for various reasons. Of course, I'd like to write great poetry that will be remembered always, but that is not why I need to and love to write, I realize. I don't write for publication, or for recognition or for outward success. That is all very nice, but ultimately, I write  to understand my life. I write about the inside so that I can live through my difficulties through the creation of art. I love creating the metaphors and images in a poem. I love that I can do that, but seeking outside recognition can feel tiresome. I think that I will always create poetry, but I am less interested in proving to the world that I am a writer. I am a writer, and it is a spiritual practice. Of course having another full time job can take time away from being a writer, but anything else I do, whether it is mother or teach or resist only adds to the richness of what I can express when I am writing.