Tucson, Arizona


Christopher Cokinos says...

alexthedog is correct to say that a big controversy has swirled in Tucson and Arizona regarding the STATE's attack on the Tucson School District's Mexican-American Studies Program.  Good-hearted people in Tucson are working hard to counter the attempt to close the program down.  I do not want to diminish that struggle, but these sorts of issues are taking place all over the U.S.  They are important--but it's also the case, as Ander's blog attests, that Tucson is a very lively, very engaged, very literary city.  Don't judge Tucson or Arizona by the actions of a few, die-hard anti-intellectuals. And, really, what this blog entry is about is literary opportunities not the Mexican-American Studies struggle; it's another issue worth another blog entry by someone at some point.  Suffice to say that Tucson writers and activists and readers and students and parents are all over this issue!  Suffice, finally, to say that Tucson is vibrant and cool, even when it's sweltering.

alexthedog says...

Is it me, or is it weird timing on this? Yes, yes, Tucson is so great, but they're really flubbing their dubs right now with the ethnic cleansing, er, I mean ethnic studies issue. I've been to Tucson many times. I have a hard time lately pairing the beauty of the desert saguaros, and that happy, happy sunshine with the ugliness of the current anti-ethnic studies.

This article seems to just gloss over the ethnic studies issue, which includes the recent removal of  books from the curriculum, including important works by Sherman Alexie and Luis Alberto Urrea. Is it intentional? Is it irresponsible? I'm not sure how I want to read this from a writer I enjoy and a magazine to which I subscribe.

A disappointed Pennsylvania cracker.