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Contemporary Poets to Read Now, Eileen Myles Inspires New Feminists, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 4.18.16

Hilary Mantel’s writing day; an interview with National Book Award winner Ha Jin; U. of Illinois launches massive open online course in Modern American poetry; and other news.


An Open Door: A Profile of Richard Russo

by Joshua Bodwell

Online Exclusive

Online Only, posted 4.13.16

May/June 2016

For the past thirty years, from the publication of his first novel, Mohawk, to his latest, Everybody’s Fool, a sequel to his beloved 1993 novel, Nobody’s Fool, Richard Russo, the Pulitzer Prize–winning “patron saint of small-town fiction,” has remained the same generous, optimistic, hardworking writer he’s always been, welcoming readers into his books and his heart.


Writers on Books That Left a Mark

by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum

News and Trends

Posted 4.13.16

May/June 2016

From Stephen King’s The Body to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, Ig Publishing’s new Bookmarked series offers short personal narratives that explore how a particular work of fiction helped shape a writer’s career.


This Is Your Brain on Fear: Trauma and Storytelling

by J. T. Bushnell

The Literary Life

Posted 4.13.16

J. T. Bushnell

How do we record traumatic events when our survival often depends on us not thinking at all? Fiction writer and essayist J. T. Bushnell explores this question through the lens of a house fire, combining ideas of memory, storytelling, and neuroscience to investigate the intersections of truth, trauma, and narrative.