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The Problem of Entitlement: A Question of Respect

by Steve Almond

The Literary Life

Posted 8.20.14

September/October 2014

A writer and workshop instructor grapples with what he sees as an increasing resistance toward the work of established authors among writing students.


The Private Dwelling: Three Poets on Keeping (and Destroying) Journals

by Lisa Fay Coutley, Claudia Emerson, and Anna Leahy

The Literary Life

Posted 8.20.14

Lisa Fay Coutley, Claudia Emerson, and Anna Leahy

Writers discuss what prompted them to start or return to journal writing, and why sometimes it’s better to destroy rather than preserve such catalogues of the past.


Why We Write: My Father’s Voice

by Jaina Sanga

The Literary Life

Posted 8.20.14

Jaina Sanga

A daily phone call from India spurs an emerging writer to complete her first novel.


The Savvy Self-Publisher: Robb Cadigan’s Phoenixville Rising

by Debra Englander

The Practical Writer

Posted 8.20.14

Debra Englander

For the first installment of our new column on self-publishing, an indie author details the route he took to self-publishing his novel, while editor Paul Dinas and publicist Corinne Liccketto weigh in with post-publication comments and suggestions.

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