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Growing a Literary Garden, the Art of the Sex Scene, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 8.26.15

What to read in the dog days of summer; libraries on bikes; a children's book that induces hypnosis; and other news.


Story Collection as Form: Building a Book of Short Fiction

by Justin Taylor

The Literary Life

Posted 8.19.15

Justin Taylor

How does a story collection happen? Justin Taylor, the author of two short story collections, offers advice about the various ways in which to build a book of short fiction.


Getting the Led Out: Discovering a Better Essay in the Foothills of South Carolina

by Joni Tevis

The Literary Life

Posted 8.19.15

Joni Tevis

The process of writing is one of discovery. A creative nonfiction writer describes how an essay in her new collection came to life, with a little unexpected help from Led Zeppelin. 


Know Thyself: The Linguistics of Place

by Jeremiah Chamberlin

The Literary Life

Posted 8.19.15

Jeremiah Chamberlin

Contributing editor Jeremiah Chamberlin discusses the value in understanding and appreciating the linguistics of place—in this case, the Midwest—in works of fiction, using the stories of Jack Driscoll and Bonnie Jo Campbell as examples.

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The journal is called Telephone, like the children’s game in which phrases
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