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Why We Write: A Life Imagined

by Matthew Thorburn

The Literary Life

Posted 8.17.16

Matthew Thorburn

In a testament to the power of poetry in giving shape to complex emotions, a poet reflects on how writing his poetry collection, Dear Almost, helped him find shelter amidst the grief of a miscarriage. 



An Open Door: A Profile of Richard Russo

by Joshua Bodwell

Online Exclusive

Online Only, posted 4.13.16

May/June 2016

For the past thirty years, from the publication of his first novel, Mohawk, to his latest, Everybody’s Fool, a sequel to his beloved 1993 novel, Nobody’s Fool, Richard Russo, the Pulitzer Prize–winning “patron saint of small-town fiction,” has remained the same generous, optimistic, hardworking writer he’s always been, welcoming readers into his books and his heart.


A Residency of One’s Own: Navigating the Complicated Path to a Writers Retreat

by Melissa Scholes Young

Special Section

Posted 2.10.16

March/April 2016

With some help from Virginia Woolf, an author and Bread Loaf Camargo fellow discusses the complicated decision to leave her family for a month in order to attend a retreat in Cassis, France, and the necessity of finding one’s own space to create.


The Aha! Moment: Poet Kay Ryan

by Michael Bourne

Special Section

Posted 12.15.15

Michael Bourne

Poet Kay Ryan discusses her poem “Tree Heart/True Heart,” which she wrote following the death of her partner, Carol Adair, in early 2009—and how a scientific discovery led her to withdraw the poem from her latest collection, Erratic Facts (Grove Press, 2015).


Writing Awards

Writing Awards

Up to five awards of $6,000 each and up to five Promise Awards of $2,000 each are given twice yearly to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers with children. Writers with at least one child under the age of 18 are eligible. Using the online submission system, submit up to 10 poems totaling no more than 25 pages or up to 25 pages of prose with a biography, an artist statement, a project statement, a curriculum vitae, and a $15 entry fee by September 2. Visit the website for the required entry form and complete guidelines.