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Lena Dunham Launches Book Imprint, the Foreign Ministry’s Poetry Collective, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 4.6.16

Goodreads hits 50 million reviews; how poetry teaches kids to love reading; the Bible to become Tennessee’s official state book; and other news.


Bridging the Student-Mentor Gap

by Marwa Helal

News and Trends

Posted 8.19.15

September/October 2015

The Bridge, an online forum launched by the literary nonprofit Brooklyn Poets, fosters connections between emerging and established writers, and provides a student-mentor alternative to the traditional MFA program. 


The Fine Art of Selecting a Program: Five Reasons to Consider an MA

by Joey Franklin

Special Section

Posted 8.19.15

Joey Franklin

For those considering a graduate program in writing but who may not feel the MFA is right for them, an author and teacher offers five practical reasons to consider a Master of Arts degree as an alternative.


The Telling Room

by Joshua Bodwell

News and Trends

Posted 2.10.15

March/April 2015

The increasing success and growth of a nonprofit writing center in Portland, Maine,­ reflects the incredible importance of storytelling in the lives of youths.