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My Book Is a Year Old, Now What? How to Keep the Buzz Alive

by Midge Raymond

The Practical Writer

Posted 6.18.14

Midge Raymond

A fiction writer and publisher discusses the many ways that authors can continue to promote their work long after the shine of a new release has faded.


Agents & Editors: David Gernert

by Michael Szczerban


Posted 1.1.14

January/February 2014

Literary agent David Gernert discusses the bookstore as a key to our culture, what it's like to work with John Grisham, and how big changes in the industry are affecting authors' incomes.


The Heartbreak of Publicity: A Cautionary Tale

by Susan Kushner Resnick

Special Section

Posted 11.1.13

Susan Kushner Resnick

In this cautionary tale, a creative nonfiction author shares her own experiences in order to highlight the potential risks of hiring a freelance publicist.


The Heartbeat of Publicity
: A Publicist Responds to Heartbreak

by Michelle Blankenship

Special Section

Posted 11.1.13

Michelle Blankenship

Freelance publicist Michelle Blankenship responds to Susan Kushner Resnick's "The Heartbreak of Publicity," pointing out the importance—and the inherent uncertainty—of publicity.