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Author Breakthroughs, Henry James’s Memoirs, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 1.13.16

Patti Smith on Frida Kahlo’s love letters; controversial book rises to prominence; New York Times names media columnist replacement for David Carr; and other news.


Sitting on Plutarch's Throne: Taking Risks in the Essay

by John D'Agata

Special Section

Posted 12.15.15

John D'Agata

An American writer and editor details the importance and emotional necessity of taking risks in the essay by way of an adventure to Greece to find Plutarch’s writing chair.


Futuristic Writing Desk: A Special Form of History

by David Searcy

Special Section

Posted 12.15.15

David Searcy

Recounting a harrowing trek up Texas’s Enchanted Rock with his wife, a writer details the particularly difficult task of placing yourself in time, and then learning to let time go.


Piazze and Pasquinades: Report From Literary Rome

by Stephen Morison Jr.

Online Exclusive

Online Only, posted 4.15.15

In a continuing series examining the lives of writers in the international writing community, contributing editor Stephen Morison Jr. spends time with three authors in Rome who share a common desire "to shake free from a past so impressive it's suffocating."