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Simon & Schuster Rescinds Lefevre Contract, an App to Improve Reading Speed, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 3.7.14

Helen Tartar, the editorial director of Fordham University Press, has died; coffee for making a deal with the devil; Tammany Hall’s good guys; and other news.


Random House's Big Holiday Bonus, Charles Simic's Love for Buster Keaton, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 12.7.12

A new study reports e-readers may be sharing user information without consent; Victoria Strauss discovered a publicity firm's claims were far removed from reality; Charles Simic reveals his love for silent screen legend Buster Keaton; and other news.


U.K. Imprint Attracts Debut Authors

by Neil Baker

News and Trends

Posted 1.1.07

January/February 2007

Michael Stephen Fuchs doesn't seem particularly naive or susceptible to exploitation. The fast-talking writer has a successful day job as an Internet consultant, peppers his conversation with literary aphorisms, and, like many debut authors, can talk with an eloquence borne from personal experience about the iniquities of the publishing business. But according to some in the book trade, Fuchs has been suckered.


The Literature of Lies

by Joe Woodward

News and Trends

Posted 5.1.06

May/June 2006

Sadly, recent revelations are forcing readers—confronted by a brand-new band of literary scallywags, hucksters, and hoaxers—to reconsider the veracity of the story as well as that of the storyteller.