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The Brains of Creative Writers, Writer's Digest Ends Partnership with Author Solutions, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 6.24.14

Rutgers appoints poet A. Van Jordan to faculty; BookStats discontinues services; NYPL to potentially restructure its board; and other news.


Notable Moments in Self-Publishing History: A Timeline

by Jamie FitzGerald

Online Exclusive

Online Only, posted 11.1.13

November/December 2013

Writers have been self-publishing since the beginning of written words. Celebrating those creative individuals determined to be heard, we present a timeline of notable moments in self-publishing history.


Fraudulent Vanity Publisher Sentenced to Prison, Randy Susan Meyers on Self-Promotion, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 4.15.13

Vermont-based vanity publisher Peter Campbell-Copp has been sentenced to jail for fraud; Scientific American examines the physiological differences between reading print or electronic texts; novelist Randy Susan Meyers discusses the pressures of social media self-promotion; and other news.