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Reginald Dwayne Betts on Poetry and Law, Stephen King’s Mixtape, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 6.30.16

Neil Gaiman's Norse mythology; breaking taboos and loving the characters we fear; twelve essential American books; and other news.


Agent Experience

by Michael Bourne

Special Section

Posted 6.14.16

Michael Bourne

A look at the how young literary agents grow in their careers, and what they can offer authors compared to more well-known agents.


Rock, Paper, Scissors: Agent, Writer, Editor (Reflections From Someone Who’s Been All Three)

by Betsy Lerner

Special Section

Posted 6.14.16

July/August 2016

A publishing-industry veteran who has worked as an agent, writer, and editor explores how her various experiences have helped her make decisions about both her own career and that of other writers.


The Poet’s Job: How I Make a Living in Poetry

by Ken Waldman

The Practical Writer

Posted 9.1.15

September/October 2015

Alaska’s Fiddling Poet, who over the past twenty years has been playing his fiddle and reading poems for audiences across the country, talks about how he has built a career—and a life—out of touring and sharing his music and poetry with others.