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Activating Public Space With Books

by Morgan Jerkins

News and Trends

Posted 4.13.16

May/June 2016

Now in its fifth year, the New York City–based Uni Project has installed hundreds of pop-up reading rooms in public spaces, bringing books to underserved communities throughout the city and beyond.


Detroit's New "Writers Residency"

by Jonathan Vatner

News and Trends

Posted 8.20.14

September/October 2014

As part of a plan to revitalize Detroit’s literary community, the nonprofit Write a House will begin awarding writers with refurbished houses in the Motor City this fall.


Zadie Smith Mourns the Seasons, $6 Million Donated to the New York Public Library, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 3.14.14

A bookstore in East Harlem collects donations for victims of the neighborhood explosion; a new study finds that most Americans use libraries regularly; writers wonder whether happiness has a place in poetry and fiction; and other news.


Joyce Maynard on J. D. Salinger, Poetry Helps Dementia Patients, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 9.16.13

Joyce Maynard discusses her relationship with J. D. Salinger; Natasha Trethewey showcases a poetry project that helps dementia patients; Joshua Ferris explores the iconic male hero; and other news.