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Read This Now: Becoming Your Own Publicist

by Annie DeWitt

The Practical Writer

Posted 10.12.16

Annie DeWitt

From embracing the Internet to leveraging blurbs, a debut novelist offers strategies for publicizing your own book, an imperative for many authors publishing with small presses whose limited budgets preclude broad publicity campaigns.


The Written Image: Eda Temucin

by Staff

News and Trends

Posted 4.13.16

May/June 2016

On her Instagram account, German artist Eda Temucin pairs found artwork with book covers, uncovering striking similarities between contemporary visual art and literary design.


Squirl App Maps Literary Hot Spots

by Rachael Hanel

News and Trends

Posted 2.10.16

March/April 2016

Complete with maps, relevant passages, summaries, and links to booksellers, a new app tracks the real-life places found in books, allowing readers to discover and interact with literature in a whole new way.


Brand You: Questioning Self-Promotion

by Frank Bures

The Practical Writer

Posted 12.15.15

Frank Bures

A writer and branding expert discusses the art, the discomfort, and the necessity of self-promotion, as well as its evolution in the digital age.