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George Saunders Profile, Most Anticipated Books of 2013, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 1.4.13

Independent bookstores may now sell Kobo tablets; Joel Lovell profiles master storyteller George Saunders in this weekend's New York Times Magazine; H. P. Lovecraft's advice to young writers; and other news.


How to Submit Your Novel in 2013, Best Literary Feuds of 2012, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 12.31.12

GalleyCat explains ways to submit your novel in 2013; today is the last day to vote in the Above and Beyond Award 2013; the New Yorker looks back at the best literary feuds of 2012; and other news.


The Final Resting Places of the Literary Greats, How to Write a Book Proposal, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 11.9.12

HarperCollins has handed its distribution business in the United States to commercial printing giant RR Donnelley; Robin Beth Schaer writes of serving aboard the historic ship Bounty, which was lost at sea during Hurricane Sandy; GalleyCat explains why you should write by hand; and other news.


Don't Look Back: The Problem With Backstory

by Benjamin Percy

The Literary Life

Posted 9.1.12

Benjamin Percy

Fiction writer Benjamin Percy cautions beginning writers to avoid overusing backstory in their fiction, offering strategies for moving the story forward by slipping a character’s history into the dramatic present.


Poets & Ampersands

by Kevin Nance

News and Trends

Posted 12.31.11

January/February 2012

For nearly a century, the ampersand has been a key feature of certain strands of American poetry. To understand its history in the genre—and the role it plays for contemporary poets—one must return to the character’s origins.


Thinking Like an Editor: How to Order Your Poetry Manuscript

by April Ossmann

The Practical Writer

Posted 2.28.11

March/April 2011

Ordering a poetry collection requires the ability to see each poem from a distance as well as analyze the manuscript as a whole. The former executive editor of Alice James Books reveals her strategies for editing a strong book.


Beyond Words: Five Writers Who Practice Other Arts

by Suzanne Pettypiece

Special Section

Posted 1.1.10

January/February 2010


Author-artists Michael Kimball, Michelle Wildgen, Jesse Ball, Abha Dawesar, and Jen Bervin talk about their "other" creative pursuits—cooking, photography, bookmaking, painting, and drawing—in relation to their writing.


Get Up, Stand Up for Your Writing

by John Moir

News and Trends

Posted 9.1.08

September/October 2008

The best advice for how to produce good poetry or prose has always been the most simple—just sit down and write—but perhaps sitting isn't the answer after all.


An Interview With Poet Ellen Bass

by Henry Stimpson

Direct Quote

Online Only, posted 7.13.07


Although The Human Line, published last month by Copper Canyon Press, is Ellen Bass’s fourth collection of poetry, the sixty-year-old poet says it feels like her second. After all, it's only the second book she’s published since taking a more than ten-year hiatus from writing poetry.


Writer as Parent: No More Aching to Be an Artist

by Dan Barden

The Practical Writer

Posted 5.1.07

May/June 2007

Balancing parenting with a career is a challenge for any professional, but for writers, it can require a fresh outlook on life.