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Inspiring Writers in Western New York

by Maya C. Popa

News and Trends

Posted 8.17.16

September/October 2016

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, the Just Buffalo Literary Center offers workshops, youth programs, events, an international authors series, and an unmatched literary community in western New York.


Classroom as Community: Creating Safe Spaces in Creative Nonfiction Workshops

by Erika Anderson and Brian Gresko

Special Section

Posted 8.17.16

Erika Anderson and Brian Gresko

The writing workshop model presents a certain degree of risk—sharing artistic work inherently involves becoming vulnerable to critique and potential emotional fallout. Perhaps none experience this risk more than creative nonfiction writers, whose memoirs and essays are often deeply personal. Here, two writing workshop facilitators offer a set of guidelines for developing a safe, respectful workshop environment.


Traveling Stanzas

by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum

News and Trends

Posted 6.14.16

July/August 2016

With the goal of facilitating “global conversation through the intimate and inclusive voice of poetry,” the Kent, Ohio–based Wick Poetry Center is expanding its programming and bringing poetry to a wider audience. 


Lena Dunham Launches Book Imprint, the Foreign Ministry’s Poetry Collective, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 4.6.16

Goodreads hits 50 million reviews; how poetry teaches kids to love reading; the Bible to become Tennessee’s official state book; and other news.


Bridging the Student-Mentor Gap

by Marwa Helal

News and Trends

Posted 8.19.15

September/October 2015

The Bridge, an online forum launched by the literary nonprofit Brooklyn Poets, fosters connections between emerging and established writers, and provides a student-mentor alternative to the traditional MFA program. 


The Fine Art of Selecting a Program: Five Reasons to Consider an MA

by Joey Franklin

Special Section

Posted 8.19.15

Joey Franklin

For those considering a graduate program in writing but who may not feel the MFA is right for them, an author and teacher offers five practical reasons to consider a Master of Arts degree as an alternative.


The Telling Room

by Joshua Bodwell

News and Trends

Posted 2.10.15

March/April 2015

The increasing success and growth of a nonprofit writing center in Portland, Maine,­ reflects the incredible importance of storytelling in the lives of youths.



A Writer’s Comeback: How I Built My Own Literary Scene and Saved Myself

by Julia Fierro

Online Exclusive

Online Only, posted 8.20.14

September/October 2014

Founder of the Sackett Street Writers' Workshop in Brooklyn, New York, Julia Fierro discusses how creating her own workshop program—and in doing so, building her own community of writers—allowed her to rediscover her own voice.


Academic Alternatives: The DIY MFA

by Michael Bourne

The Practical Writer

Posted 8.20.14

Michael Bourne

From Julia Fierro’s Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop in Brooklyn to Edan Lepucki’s Writing Workshops Los Angeles, writers across the country are launching their own community-based workshops as a viable alternative to the traditional writing path.


Why We Write: The Wounded and Enduring

by Wendy Brown-Baez

The Literary Life

Posted 6.18.14

Wendy Brown-Baez

Through her work with the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop, a poet discovers that writing can grant a type of freedom to incarcerated men—and in the process finds her own sense of peace in the wake of personal trauma.