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An Interview With Poet Nick Piombino

by Pamela D. Toler

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Online Only, posted 4.1.09


Nick Piombino has been associated with various schools of poetry, but he is, perhaps, most well known for being one of the theorists who initiated the investigation into what became Language poetry. He spoke recently about collaboration, collage, and his collection Contradicta: Aphorisms, forthcoming from Green Integer Press this month.


An Interview With Writer Robin Romm

by Lauren Hamlin

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Online Only, posted 1.30.09


What began for Robin Romm as an exercise in navigating the loss of her mother evolved into a memoir, The Mercy Papers: A Memoir of Three Weeks, published this month by Scribner. She recently spoke about transitioning from fiction to nonfiction, and back again, and the difficulty of releasing a memoir into the world.


Deep Water: An Interview With Fiction Writer David Rhodes

by Kevin Larimer

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Online Only, posted 8.20.08


To get to Wonewoc, the small town in Wisconsin where novelist David Rhodes lives with his wife, Edna, one must look for signs to Highway 80, State Road 33, County Road EE, Highway Q, and other rural thoroughfares.


An Interview With Poet Pattiann Rogers

by Jeannine Hall Gailey

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Online Only, posted 6.30.08

Pattiann Rogers, author of twelve poetry collections, including Wayfare (Penguin, 2008), recently spoke about the process of writing her latest collection, the importance of investigation, and the pleasure of naming the world.


An Interview With Poet and Independent Bookseller J. W. Marshall

by Lisa Albers

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Online Only, posted 6.16.08

For more than twenty years, J. W. Marshall has been recommending poetry to his customers while writing it himself. He and his wife, poet Christine Deavel, own Seattle's Open Books: A Poem Emporium, one of only a couple bookstores in the United States devoted exclusively to poetry and a fixture in the city’s literary community.


An Interview With Creative Nonfiction Writer Phillip Lopate

by Lania Knight

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Online Only, posted 5.16.08


Phillip Lopate, considered by many to be one of the most important essayists of our time, discusses the controversies surrounding creative nonfiction, his own essay-writing process, and the ultimate quality he looks for in nonfiction—an interesting mind at work on the page.


An Interview With Writer and Editor Ander Monson

by Meehan Crist

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Online Only, posted 3.31.08


Ander Monson’s fourth book, the poetry collection Our Aperture, was published in January by New Michigan Press. It’s a short thirty pages, but it further extends the reach of the author’s genre-bending work. Poets & Writers Magazine recently asked Monson about his predilection for playing with genre.


An Interview With Poet and Fiction Writer Grace Paley

by Ilya Kaminsky and Katherine Towler

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Online Only, posted 3.17.08


Celebrated short story writer and poet Grace Paley died of cancer last August at the age of eighty-four. A lifelong activist, pacifist, and an early figure in the women’s rights movement in the 1960s, Paley was one of those writers who managed to combine a public life of frequent readings and appearances in support of a range of causes with work lauded for its artistic integrity. We interviewed Paley a little more than a year before her death at her home in Thetford.


An Interview With Poet Philip Levine

by Sally Dawidoff

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Online Only, posted 3.10.08


Throughout his long career, Philip Levine has established a reputation for poems honoring the working class, beginning with the people he encountered as a young man laboring in the factories of Detroit. Though he has taught in writing programs nationwide since the 1950s, his poetry has maintained a stronger identification with the autoworker than the academic. Poets & Writers Magazine asked Levine, who turned eighty in January, how his writing is going these days.


An Interview With Poet Li-Young Lee

by Liz Logan

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Online Only, posted 2.11.08

The author of four poetry collections talks about his obsession with the unknown and the poem as a descendent of God. More