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The Human Library's Many Books

by Amanda Calderon

News and Trends

Posted 5.1.14

May/June 2014

A Danish organization challenges library patrons worldwide to confront prejudices and change perspectives through conversations with “human books.”


Two Festivals Celebrate Small Presses, More Books Bound in Human Skin, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 4.3.14

Mathematical Poetry Month; the best books to celebrate warmer weather; John Updike’s home turf; and other news.


Wensink Reveals Amazon Bestseller Royalties, Death of the Boston Phoenix, and More

by Evan Smith Rakoff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 3.18.13

The Christian Science Monitor reports independent bookstores are increasing sales; Author Patrick Wensink candidly reveals how much money he made after breaking into the Amazon top ten; Susan Orlean shares her memories of working for the Boston Phoenix; and other news.


Q&A: Levin Expands Idea of Writing Space

by Melissa Faliveno

News and Trends

Posted 2.28.13

March/April 2013

Melissa Levin of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council discusses how the nonprofit organization, which was displaced both by the September 11 attacks and more recently Hurricane Sandy, continues to provide office and studio space to writers and artists in lower Manhattan. 


Inspiration Flies High

by Carrie Neill

News and Trends

Posted 1.1.13

January/February 2013

Flying Object, a nonprofit artists and writers collaborative located in Hadley, Massachusetts, attracts hundreds of writers every month through classes, workshops, readings, exhibitions, and a do-it-yourself letterpress studio. 


A Novel Approach: Learning to Write More Than Stories

by John Stazinski

The Literary Life

Posted 12.31.11

January/February 2012

The Grub Street literary center has created a long-form fiction class that might offer a cure for the novel-writing anxiety that the traditionally story-centric MFA workshop isn’t equipped to resolve.



by Jenny Shank

City Guides

Online Only, posted 12.16.11

In this tour of the Mile High City, novelist Jenny Shank visits the sites, writing groups, organizations, and presses that, despite a down economy, keep her hometown's literary spirit alive in the bootstrapping tradition of those “roaring drunken miners” who founded it.


Miami, Florida

by P. Scott Cunningham

City Guides

Online Only, posted 11.4.11

P. Scott Cunningham, poet and director of the literary festival O, Miami, gives a writer's tour of Miami, Florida—a city in the throes of cultural enlightenment.


Latino Poets Connect at CantoMundo

by Belinda Acosta

News and Trends

Posted 10.31.11

November/December 2011

CantoMundo, a burgeoning Latino poets workshop in its second year, has become the third organization to make up an unofficial triad aimed at nurturing the work of American poets of color.


Washington, D.C.

by Carolyn Parkhurst

City Guides

Online Only, posted 9.22.11

New York Times best-selling author Carolyn Parkhurst shares the bookstores, reading series, and other literary landmarks of Washington, D.C., that make it “a beautiful, vibrant, creative city."