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Be Bold, Be Free, Be Truthful

by Maria Massei Rosato

Special Section

Posted 2.10.15

Maria Massei Rosato

At the Sewall House retreat in Island Falls, Maine, the practice of yoga opens up new possibilities in the craft of writing.


Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea Pens Memoir, Jane Goodall On Plagiarism, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 4.2.14

Jimmy Carter signs 1,600 books; a road trip to film dead poets; Sherman Alexie book banned in Idaho; and other news.


An Open Letter to AWP, Andrew Wylie's Hatred of Amazon Publishing, and More

by Staff

Daily News

Online Only, posted 3.19.14

Joyce Carol Oates reviews Lorrie Moore; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s foray into film; The Unauthorized Audubon; and other news.


Discovering the Poetry of the Wild

by Melissa Faliveno

News and Trends

Posted 9.1.13

September/October 2013

Ecological artist and sculptor Ana Flores connects communites to the land around them through a series of installations that combine poetry, visual art, and nature observation.


Poetry of the Wild

Posted 8.13.13

For ten years ecological artist and sculptor Ana Flores has been bringing "Poetry of the Wild"—a project that combines poetry, visual art, and nature in an effort to connect people to the land around them—to locations both public and wild. Each installation features a box or sculpture, built by artists and community members using recycled materials, that contains an original or classic poem as well as a journal for passersby to contribute reflections of their own.

  • 1 of 11A Human Error
    Credit: Ana Flores

    A Human Error

    Lucy Turner, age ten—who contributed an original poem to this year's Poetry of the Wild installation in Mystic, Connecticut—and her mother, Pam, study a poetry box during this summer's waterfront installation at the University of Connecticut on Avery Point. Box by artist Susan Schultz; poem, "A Human Error," by Nancy Willard.

  • 2 of 11In the Trees
    Credit: Ana Flores

    In the Trees

    Inspired by this summer's installation on Avery Point, a runner shares her own contributions to the project. Tree sculpture poetry box by Randall Patterson; poem, "Raven Night Love," by Alexander Waid.

  • 3 of 11It is Born
    Credit: Ana Flores

    It is Born

    A poetry box located on the Mystic River shoreline during the summer of 2011. Box by Ana Flores, featuring the poem "It is Born" by Pablo Neruda.

  • 4 of 11Keep Walking
    Credit: Ana Flores

    Keep Walking

    Poetry box and poem titled "Sigue Caminando/Keep Walking," both by Ana Flores, included in this summer's installation at the University of Connecticut on Avery Point.

  • 5 of 11On Meadowbrook Pond
    Credit: Ana Flores

    On Meadowbrook Pond

    A poetry box by Marnie LaCouture, housing the poem "Roads" by Ruth Bigood, mounted to a tree along the shore of Meadowbrook Pond in Richmond, Rhode Island.

  • 6 of 11On the Beach
    Credit: Ana Flores

    On the Beach

    A beach-goer takes in a box built by Victoria Brennan, featuring a quote by writer and environmental conservationist Rachel Carson, at Mitchell College beach in New London, Connecticut.

  • 7 of 11Said My Soul
    Credit: Ana Flores

    Said My Soul

    A poetry box in the New London, Connecticut, public library, part of an installation during the summer of 2012. Box by Ana Flores; poem, "Come Said My Soul," by Walt Whitman.

  • 8 of 11The Blue Blanket
    Credit: Ana Flores

    The Blue Blanket

    Visitors to Mystic River inspect a poetry box during the Mystic Arts Center installation in the summer of 2011. Box by Ana Flores, featuring a poem titled "The Blue Blanket" by Sue Ellen Thompson.

  • 9 of 11The House
    Credit: Frank Buddingtree

    The House

    Lily Kane, age nine, prepares to recite her poem "The House," featured inside a box at Haley Farm Reserve in Groton, Connecticut, part of this summer's Mystic Arts Center installation. Box by Syma Ebbin and Michael Kane.

  • 10 of 11The Silk That Rustles
    Credit: Ana Flores

    The Silk That Rustles

    Poetry box by Diane Barcelo and poem by Michael Bradford titled "It is the Silk that Rustles," part of this summer's installation on Avery Point.

  • 11 of 11Till Sundown
    Credit: Ana Flores

    Till Sundown

    A poetry box built by Ana Flores, featuring a quote by author and environmentalist John Muir, located on the Napatree Point peninsula in Westerly, Rhode Island.


The Beauty of a Brutal Honesty: A Profile of Cheryl Strayed

by Leslie Schwartz


Posted 2.29.12

March/April 2012

In her memoir, Wild, published in March 2012, author Cheryl Strayed reveals all she lost following the death of her mother, and takes readers along on her three-month hike through the wilderness to find it again.  


Study Shows E-books the Greener Choice

by Adrian Versteegh

Daily News

Online Only, posted 8.31.09

Given that paper accounts for a quarter of all landfill volume, it should probably come as no surprise that a recent study touted e-books as more environmentally friendly than traditional publishing. A report released this month by the San Francisco-based Cleantech Group found that Amazon’s Kindle device could generate a net savings in carbon emissions—a savings that increases as print consumption is displaced.


Atwood Embarks on Eco-Friendly Book Tour

by Adrian Versteegh

Daily News

Online Only, posted 8.21.09

Margaret Atwood plans to keep it green as she tours in support of her latest novel, an environmental calamity tale titled The Year of the Flood, forthcoming from Nan A. Talese next month. The Booker Prize-winning author will travel by train where possible, carry minimal luggage, eschew bottled water, and require that venues serve only fair trade, bird-friendly coffee.