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Our annual Literary Agents Issue features a roundtable discussion with four young agents on what they look for in a pitch; advice on how to impress a literary agent; interviews with the summer’s best debut novelists; a profile of best-selling author Judy Blume; Jennifer Day of the Chicago Tribune talks about book reviews; a Q&A with Los Angeles poet laureate Luis J. Rodriguez; writing prompts and exercises; and much more. 

Ampersand Episode

Listen to a preview of the new issue of the magazine; a conversation with agents Cladia Ballard, Seth Fishman, Melissa Flashman, and Alia Hanna Habib about common mistakes writers should avoid; an interview with author Jesse Browner; a poetry reading by Rowan Ricardo Phillips; Kay Ryan at Poets & Writers Live; and more.

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Typewriters in the 21st Century

by Rachel Lieff Axelbank

News and Trends

Posted 12.16.14

January/February 2015

Innovations like the USB Typewriter, Hanx Writer, Hemingwrite, and Typing Writer are giving new life to the classic typewriter by updating it for the digital world.


Agents & Editors: A Conversation With Four Literary Agents

by Michael Szczerban

Special Section

Posted 6.17.15

July/August 2015

Four young literary agents meet for an evening of food, drink, and conversation about how they find new authors, what they need to see in a query letter, and the common mistakes writers should avoid.


Reviewers & Critics: Jennifer Day of the Chicago Tribune

by Michael Taeckens

The Practical Writer

Posted 6.17.15

July/August 2015

Jennifer Day, the editor of the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday books section, Printer’s Row Journal, discusses her commitment to assembling the best literary criticism on both the local and national level.