Deerbrook Editions

Genres Published: 
Poetry, Fiction
Flash Fiction
Representative Authors: 

Sarah White, Florence Fogelin, HC Hsu, Teresa Carson, JR Solonche, Peter Harris, David Sloan, Donna Reis, Martina Reisz Newberry, Djelloul Marbrook, Wendy Ranan, Joan I. Siegel, Mimi White, Stuart Kestenbaum, Candice Stover, Carl Little, Dawn Potter, L.R. Berger, Martin Stiengesser.

Book Types: 
Novella, Short story collections, Poetry collections
Reading Period: 
Aug 1 - Jan 31
Reporting Time: 
Greater than 6 months
Charges Reading Fee: 
Publishes Through Contests Only: 
Accepts Electronic Submissions: 
Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: 
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions: 
Titles per Year: 
1 to 5
Editorial Focus: 

Deerbrook Editions publishes well designed trade books. Interested in imaginative and experimental literature, whether poetry or fiction, Deerbroook is a small press developing to do more of what we do leading to discovery of authors books. Our mission is to provide literature that is relevant and stimulating, to advocate and support authors by giving them a wider audience, and to connect authors and artists with their community. Deerbrook is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Fractured Atlas.

Tips From the Editor: 

These are suggestions to help facilitate the submission process. The better prepared any manuscript is, the easier it is to read and consider. Authors can send hard copy manuscripts printed on regular 8.5 x 11 in. paper. We recommend an organized collection of poems or prose approximately 40 to 100 pages for an average collection of poems. Proofread and coy-edited MS stand a better chance of consideration. The smallest book that can be perfect bound must be a minimum of 40 pages.
Our goal is to increase the number of titles per year. Any title's success depend on various factors such as author marketing; increased sales, development & fundraising; See our Website for further information.

Contact Information
Jeffrey Haste, Director/ Editor
PO Box 542
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