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Rates: $150 for up to 50 words
Over 50 words, $3 per additional word
Special Rate: 6 ads for the price of 5. Ads must be reserved together. Discount is applied to last ad in series.

Half-price classifieds are offered to services for which there is no charge to writers (calls for manuscripts, fairs & festivals without admission fees, free resources, etc.). Ads are formatted according to our style guide to maintain consistency. Telephone numbers, e-mail, and Web addresses are counted as one word. Classifeds must be prepaid. Classifieds are placed on our Web site at no additional charge.

Classified ads can be reserved electronically or by e-mailing text to They can also be purchased by mailing text and payment to Classifieds, Poets & Writers, 90 Broad Street, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10004. Electronic/E-mail reservations are preferred. Ads for our online-only Job Listings can be purchased here. We do not offer job listings in the classifieds.

For more information, or if you have questions, contact the Ad Department. Or call us at (212) 226-3586 x211. We'd be happy to speak with you.


Poets & Writers Magazine is published six times a year. Deadlines for 2014 are:

October 15
December 12
Conferences & Residencies
December 15
February 6
Writing Contests
February 17
April 10
Debut Fiction Authors, plus a special section on agents
April 15 June 12
MFA Programs
June 15 August 14
Independent Publishing
August 14 October 9


Classified advertisers are required to prepay for their ads. If you are unable to prepay please contact the advertising department at or call (212) 226-3586 x211. Online submission and credit card payment is available. All ads are subject to approval by Poets & Writers Magazine. Contest ads must offer a prize that is at least 10x the reading/submission fee. We do not accept advertising from organizations or contests that exploit writers. Changes to copy may not be possible after the classified deadline.


Advertising in our classified section is an affordable way to reach an audience of 100,000 serious literary writers. Whether you are advertising a call for submission, a contest, an editing service, or a writer’s getaway, Poets & Writers Magazine classifieds will get you the response you need.

Ad Deadlines

January/February 2015

  • Classifieds Deadline: October 15
  • Display Reservation Deadline: October 30
  • Ad Copy Deadline: November 6
  • Publication Date: December 12
The January/February issue features Inspiration.

In the January/February issue, we are happy to offer these special rates to authors advertising their own books!

B&W 40% Discounted Rates:
1/8 pg: $306
1/4 pg: $510
1/3 pg: $744
1/2 pg: $960
Full pg: $1,695

Color 30% Discounted Rates:
New Titles Ad: $250
1/4 pg: $728
1/3 pg: $1,068
1/2 pg: $1,365
Full pg: $2,415

March/April 2015

  • Classifieds Deadline: December 16
  • Display Reservation Deadline: January 6
  • Ad Copy Deadline: January 13
  • Publication Date: February 6

The March/April issue features Conferences & Residencies.

For more information, or to reserve space, contact the Ad Department.

Current Issue

Cover Story 

Our Independent Publishing Issue features an in-depth interview with Graywolf Press editor Jeff Shotts; a look at the successful partnerships of eleven small-press authors and their editors; a profile of indie essayist Charles D'Ambrosio; Donald Hall recalls a golden age of American poetry; best-selling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore on the rewards of self-promotion; advice for self-published authors; a conversation with Guernica publisher Lisa Lucas; and much more.

Finding Gems in Lost & Found

by Rebecca Bates

News and Trends

Posted 10.15.14

November/December 2014

The Center for Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City is making the ephemeral more tangible through its Lost & Found chapbook series.


Let's Just Do This: Eleven Small-Press Authors and their Publishing Partners

by Kevin Larimer

Special Section

Posted 10.15.14

November/December 2014

Eleven small-press authors and their publishing partners discuss the independent approach—and all the passion, commitment, and love that comes with it—to bringing books into the world.


Agents & Editors: Jeff Shotts

by Michael Szczerban

Special Section

Posted 10.15.14

November/December 2014

Graywolf Press executive editor Jeff Shotts discusses the power of patience in publishing, editing as an act of empathy, and why it’s an exciting time to be a poet.